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Enhancing many industries with our advanced products including GSM Based Electromagnetic Flow Meter, Car Tracking System, Industrial Batch Controller, etc.

In the present times of development, technology has picked up a great pace and pioneered many industries along with it. Consecutively, this has also increased the requirement for technologically advanced products in the marketplace. By understanding such requirements, we founded our company, Accumax Instruments Private Limited, in the year 1992. Since that time, we have been providing the best solutions with our most advanced product line which includes Vehicle GPS Device, Magnetic Flow Meter, GPS Power Over Ethernet, Car Tracking System, Industrial Batch Controller, 230V AC Electromagnetic Flow Meter, and many others. Moreover, despite of our long period of existence, we always keep upgrading our products according to the latest and most modern technologies which is the reason why their salient features like optimum performance, great strength, intriguing design, modern functionality and genuine pricing, makes them highly popular among numerous industries. Now our goal is to increase their reach further in the future.
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we have our mission oriented towards a technology-driven approach which enables us to stay updated with the current advancements

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We are as passionate as we were during business formation because clients happiness is a forever goal of our company.

Why Us?

Certain major factors which makes our company, Accumax Instruments Private Limited

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Our long & fruitful industrial experience of over 28 years has always helped us in growing our business

Manufacturing Process

In a manufacturing-based company, there are many complicated which are needed to be managed

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The primary vision of our company is to innovate various industries with our technologically
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